Mentoring Moments with Martha

Martha Creek interviews some of the talented and courageous people that mean a lot to her, that have been her teachers, and with whom she shares a special relationship.

Diane Czerwonka

Diane’s success in the Human Resources arena is paramount. During her 30 year tenure serving organizations, teams, and humanity, she stays committed to being the “human” in Human Resources. Her ever growing, expanding, wholehearted ways of being with other humans in very intense situations, loss, grief, change, legal matters, death, disease, harassment, and the myriad forms that rules and regulations require is extraordinary. Her commitment to serve with equality and justice for every level of the organization is a lighthouse for all.

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Alan Scherer

Alan has volunteered for more organizations than most people know exist. Over decades he has served Louisville events, non profits and compassionate Louisville initiatives that include: The Home of the Innocence, Unity of Louisville, Dreams with Wings, Deer Park Neighborhood Association and various charities. He has received The Bell Award for outstanding volunteerism work in the community; The Jefferson Medal of Freedom for Patriotic volunteerism; The AARP Real Possibility Faith Award for extraordinary volunteerism in faith communities; Mayor’s local awards for community service.

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David Dafoe

Dave is the founder and owner of Flavorman and has become one of the country's foremost authorities on flavor. He began his career with Fries & Fries, now known as Givaudan. In 1989 he accepted a position with Brown-Forman Corporation in Louisville, KY to head up the product development of a new Jack Daniels Country Cocktails line. After five years with the company in 1992, Dave began Flavorman, previously named Pro-Liquitech known as the "Beverage Architects". Flavorman has grown from a consultation firm to an international, full-service custom product development and ingredient supply company.

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Travis Darren Wilson

All About Travel is the result of the desire of its founder Darren Wilson to help those clients who entrusted him with their travel arrangements to create and have the best possible travel experience. They have access to a multitude of travel vendors and are able to access instant complete inventory of vendors which is pivotal in this constantly dynamic industry. Their goal is to help you see the world in a way that caters to your needs and goals!

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Rev. Sheree Taylor-Jones

Rev. Sheree is a consultant, speaker, and author. Her passion is to assist people in questioning their personal beliefs, assessing and analyzing if those beliefs are valuable or need to be changed, giving them permission to release beliefs which no longer serve them , and facilitate them in creating new empowering ones. She believes it’s in our ability to question our convictions that we are able to create personal transformation which leads to a collective shift in consciousness.

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Dawn Gee

Solving Childhood Suffering One Meal at a Time

When you are hungry, you can’t think of anything else! How can children focus on solving a math problem or being a positive force in the community when they are trying to ignore the persistent pangs of hunger? You may be able to survive without a home. You can live without a fancy car. But you cannot survive without food. Without proper nutrition, a child’s future physical and mental health, academic achievement, and economic productivity are threatened. There are few things in human life that are more essential than Food.

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