The Work of Byron Katie

The Work of Byron Katie

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The Work of Byron Katie is a way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause all the fear, violence, depression, frustration, and suffering in the world. Experience the happiness of undoing those thoughts through The Work, and allow your mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature.

Are you ready?

There is a place for “The Work” in all realms. As it lives fully and fuller, life/death/disease/the full spectrum —- all become alot sweeter/friendlier and easier to navigate. It calls Martha back and back and back inside. The Work is gentle, loving and profoundly liberating. Through The Work, Martha loves how the exploration can be extremely exciting, instead of backbreaking, painstaking or something to dread.

“It is most wonderful when days, weeks, months, years have passed following a “piece” of Work, and the boulder has rolled so far away, that it is not even remembered any longer. It is truly awesome to witness the Deep Work by those who are “new” and those who are consciously ridding themselves of the worst of the worst all in the same workshop. I love that all work with clients provides me the mirror for my own work.”
—Martha Creek

“For thousands of years we’ve been told not to judge, but we still do it all the time—how our friends should act, whom our children should care about, what our parents should feel, do, or say. In The Work, rather than suppress these judgments, we use them as starting points for self-realization. This work is my daily practice and is my living example of peace expressing through any/all difficulties of life. The only suffering is an unquestioned mind.”
—Byron Katie