Mentoring Moments with Martha: Travis Darren Wilson

Martha Creek Interviews Darren Wilson—All About Travel

All About Travel is the result of the desire of its founder Darren Wilson to help those clients who entrusted him with their travel arrangements to create and have the best possible travel experience. They have access to a multitude of travel vendors and are able to access instant complete inventory of vendors which is pivotal in this constantly dynamic industry. Their goal is to help you see the world in a way that caters to your needs and goals!

Darren has worked in the travel industry for about 30 years in a variety of roles. After graduating from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor's Degree in business, he worked for a large multi-national corporation for 3 years and it became clear that he could never be content in a 9 to 5 setting. He resigned and enrolled at Travel Professionals International school where he learned the basics of travel planning. After graduation, he worked for a small travel agency for 9 years before founding All About Travel in 1999. He now works as a full-time manager, travel/tour planner, and tour guide. During his tenure he has personally visited over 35 countries and escorted over 7,000 group trip participants around the globe.

In his free time, Darren is a scuba diving instructor, private pilot and enjoys being home reading and riding in his boat and being with his partner of 20 years. Call All About Travel and start LIVING through travel adventures.

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