Mentoring Moments with Martha: Rev. Elizabeth Mora

Martha Creek Interviews Rev. Elizabeth Mora

Rev. Elizabeth Mora is the Senior Minister of Unity Northwest Church outside of Chicago. She has been a spiritual seeker since high school, and her mission is to share positive spiritual teachings with as many people as she can. With a Masters of Divinity, years of theater experience, and a training background, she offers a unique blend of the human and the divine when she speaks.

She also has a helping heart and offers spiritual classes, counselling, and coaching. “I believe growing our inner world is what we are called to do. If religion doesn’t work for you, you can still have a spiritual practice that will change your life for the better. Whatever path you take, I know we can shift our thoughts, beliefs, and actions by using the wisdom of the ages and the breakthroughs of today.”

Rev. Elizabeth offers an expansive perspective on life and spirituality, using Unity’s positive spiritual teachings, Christianity, Eastern Philosophy, humor, psychology, story-telling, and sometimes even a chainsaw. If you seek someone to meet you where you are and lovingly move forward on the spiritual journey with you, reach out to Rev. Elizabeth.


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