Mentoring Moments with Martha: Rev. Bill Marchiony

Martha Creek Interviews Rev. Bill Marchiony

Rev. Bill Marchiony is a co-founder and Spiritual Director of New Thought Philadelphia. He has been a practitioner of Practical Healing Prayer since 2002. His spiritual studies began six years earlier, and he received ministerial credentials in 2011 and Doctor of Divinity in 2020 from the Emerson Theological Institute.

Rev. Bill offers Spiritual Coaching and Counseling, Healing Prayer, Classes, Spiritual Adventure workshops.

As a Teen Group advisor and leader since 2005, he led the ICSL Northeast Regional Teen program as it grew to include 150 participants in eighteen Centers reaching from Albany to Washington DC. He is currently leading the Teens at CSL Delaware in a monthly Zoom meeting, which is open to New Thought Teens everywhere.

He is the author of "Practical Prayer for Real Results", available in paperback, Kindle, and audio book. It's a wonderful primer on the steps of Practical Prayer, with 40 complete prayers on a variety of topics that you can customize for your own immediate use.

His Practical Prayer channel on YouTube features Prayers and short inspirational messages.

Rev. Bill is the creator of "God Calls", a subscription series of short inspirational phone calls that interrupt your daily routine with a reminder of the Love that you are.

He is a presenter on the Insight Timer app, sharing Practical Prayer, meditations, and spiritual insight with a global audience.

He has enjoyed many successful careers in both the technology and creative fields, including software, sales, marketing, copywriting, and printing, In the way-distant past Bill was a comedy writer, producer, and zany morning radio personality.

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