Mentoring Moments with Martha: Dr. Rima Bonario

Martha Creek Interviews Dr. Rima Bonario

Rima Bonario, Th.D speaks and teaches on women’s empowerment and embodiment practices through online and in person women’s circles. She also leads sacred travel journeys to places like Egypt, France, and Hawaii to awaken and activate a deep connection to the Divine Feminine within.

Rima’s decades-long personal journey of discovering her feminine superpowers, embracing her self-sovereignty, and coming to deeply love and fully inhabit her body informs her work with her students. Her passion is helping women create and live a life they love by cutting through energetic clutter, dissolving emotional baggage, and forming wildly fulfilling habits of attention.

Rima holds a doctorate in Transformation Psychology and has studied with master teachers in body-based energy work, sacred sexuality and Tantra, and the sacred art of Anointing. Her new book The Seven Queendoms: A Soul-Map for Embodying Sacred Feminine Sovereignty, published by Flower of Life Press, is available on Amazon.

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