Martha Creek Bio (short version)

Rev. Dr. Martha Creek–Widely known in New Thought, Martha’s trainings approach deep inner work as an adventure with a sense of curiosity and wonder. A master of the art of right questioning, she calls forth the most stubborn and self-defeating patterns to create a new way of being, literally. Ordained in Religious Science and Divine Science, Martha has served as Great Lakes Unity Consultant, a member of Unity Institute faculty, and is on the board for Affiliated New Thought Network. She has attended Emerson Theological Seminary (Masters and Doctorate), Byron Katie School for The Work, and Hoffman Institute. She is a Healthy Congregations Facilitator and Trainer. See more at

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Martha Creek Bio (long version)

As a speaker, minister, leader, coach, consultant, facilitator, Martha Creek is often described as having a spirit of innocence, playfulness, compassion and generosity; all of which support her in being able to deliver a great deal of information in a profoundly simple, dynamic, personal, humorous, and attainable way.

The practices, exercises and experiences Martha offers invite participants to approach their inner work as an adventurer with a sense of curiosity and wonder. Being a master of the art of right questioning, Creek, in her workshops, calls forth the most stubborn, self-defeating and embedded patterns in participants with an invitation to a new reality.

Martha is more interested in being present to those she is serving than in talking about what she has accomplished, and her accomplishments are enormous. They include: bachelor degrees in Accounting, Human Resources, and Organizational Management, as well as a graduate degree from Emerson Theological Seminary. She has also attended: Hoffman Institute, Byron Katie International School, Healthy Congregations and Family Systems, Lombard Mennonite Peace Center Mediation Skills and Conflict Resolution program, Transcendental Meditation, Reiki, and more. In addition, Creek has served in a ministerial role in both Religious Science and Unity Churches.

Martha's mission and vision is as concise and clear as she is—“Go within or go without””. Martha exemplifies Mother Teresa's, "Do little things with great love" through her actions.

Pure and simple, an experience with Martha is an experience of love! For contact information, visit

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